Along this journey, we tend to become frustrated because things aren’t moving along as quickly as we would like them to. I can speak from experience¬†when I questioned how unfair things were around me, I thought many times that I had it harder than most but as I grew to understand, I wasn’t giving it my all. Allow me to explain, I thought deeply about the person I wanted to become and I said to myself, what would that person be doing at this very moment? If I was her right now, how would I be dressed? Would I be complaining about things around me or would I be working towards providing more service to more people? I thought long and hard about that question and then suddenly, I got it!!! People don’t become successful by focusing on what they don’t have, it’s strategic and very persistent my question for you is… Are you doing your part?

Imagine yourself having become the person you’ve always wanted to become, ask yourself, “Are You Doing What That Person Would Be Doing At This Very Moment”?



Until Next time,


“A Mind Renewed, Is A Life Empowered”